2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

International Communications and Culture Department

Old Main, Room 228
(607) 753-4303
icc@cortland.edu or ponterior@cortland.edu


Arts and Sciences


Robert Ponterio (Chair), Catherine Baranello, Mark Cerosaletti, Tina Christodouleas, Hongli Fan, Christopher Gascón, Timothy Gerhard, Norma Helsper, Susan Kather, Colleen Kattau, Jean LeLoup, Arnold Levine, Patricia Martinez de la Vega, Glen McNeal, Marie Ponterio, Paulo Quaglio, Codruta Temple, Wes Weaver, Donna West

Adjunct Faculty

For a listing of adjunct faculty see the Faculty and Administration section.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Adolescence Education: French (7-12)
Bachelor of Arts in Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12)
Bachelor of Arts in Adolescence Education: French and Spanish (7-12)
Bachelor of Arts in French
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language

Majors Offered

Adolescence Education: French (7-12)
Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12)
Adolescence Education: French and Spanish (7-12)
Teaching English as a Second Language (K-12)
    - Certification
    - Non-certification

Minors Offered



The International Communications and Culture Department offers opportunities for the study of foreign languages, foreign literatures and foreign cultures. Students develop multilingual communicative skills for a wide range of purposes. Liberal arts majors and minors in French and Spanish are available, and students who incorporate professional education courses in their programs may qualify for initial certification in adolescence education. Courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, English as a second language, German and Italian also are offered.

The department participates in interdisciplinary programs leading to majors in international studies and the minor in Latin American Studies.

Special Features

  • Study abroad (See International and Study Abroad programs for more information.)
  • Honor Societies: National honor societies in French (Pi Delta Phi) and Spanish (Sigma Delta Pi)
  • Internship opportunities
  • Language clubs
  • Language Proficiency Certificates: SUNY Cortland has been chosen by the Chambre de Commerce de Paris as a testing site for the certificat for proficiency in commercial French.
  • Practicum in undergraduate teaching (French)
  • Up-to-date foreign language learning center for access to authentic electronic materials and for multimedia development
  • FLES methods course for K-6 certification extension (French or Spanish)


  1. Degree Requirements listed here apply to the majors offered by this department.
  2. Liberal Arts Requirements: 90 credit hours
  3. Up to 18 credit hours of course work at the 300-level or above in any semester of study in an approved French or Spanish study abroad program may count towards fulfillment of major or minor requirements.
  4. Students must participate in periodic assessment activities.
    Note: FLT 299, FRE 311, 315, 316, ICC 201, SPA 313, 315, 317, meet the General Education Category 7 requirements. SPA 306 and FRE 319 fulfill the Presentation Skills requirement.


I. Major

IV. Minor


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