2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

International Programs

International Programs Office

Miller Building, Room 16
(607) 753-2209
E-mail: studyabroad@cortland.edu

SUNY Cortland strives to emphasize international dimensions in every field of study, principally through the International Programs Office. Internships are available in some locations. Students also are eligible to participate in more than 400 other international study programs offered by other SUNY campuses. Applicants generally have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. All participants are governed by the Study Abroad Academic Policies outlined below. They must be in good academic standing the semester prior to applying.

Credits earned during foreign study are transferred automatically toward meeting Cortland's graduation requirements. Participants usually are juniors and seniors, although qualified freshmen and sophomores may be accepted into certain programs.

SUNY Cortland's Study Abroad programs are outlined below. For more information, including prerequisites and estimated costs, contact the International Programs Office or visit the Web site: www.cortlandabroad.com.


Ballarat University, Ballarat

Ballarat University, in the state of Victoria, offers physical education, art, Australian Studies, business and other disciplines that complement majors at Cortland. A two-week outdoor education class in the hinterlands and at the shore is available. Housing is in residence halls.

Griffith University, Brisbane

Griffith University in the city of Brisbane and on the Gold Coast offers the opportunity to study in a subtropical setting. Students live in residence halls or apartments and may study subjects ranging from ecology, management and education to health, social sciences and humanities. The Queensland College of Art and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music are also a part of Griffith University.

University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore

The University of the Sunshine Coast is Australia's newest university. Located in Queensland near Brisbane, it offers personal attention in a medium-sized university with unique academic programs in arts and social sciences, business, education and science. Internships are available with appropriate academic prerequisites. Housing is in townhouses adjacent to the campus. A six-week summer program is also available.

Student Teaching, Australia (Fall Semester)

Cortland's student teaching program at the University of the Sunshine Coast begins with a five-and-a-half week module from early June through mid-July. Students take two courses designed to prepare them for a nine-week student teaching experience in the Australian classroom. The program is open to childhood, early childhood/childhood, physical education, special education and certain adolescence education majors. Housing is adjacent to campus in townhouses. Students complete a domestic student teaching experience upon their return from Australia during the second half of the fall semester.


Development Internships

Internships are offered during the fall, spring and summer in a variety of governmental and nongovernmental agencies involved in health, recreation, communications, sociology/anthropology, policy studies, education and the environment. Housing is with families in most cases.

Ecology and Economy in Belize

This unique program is offered every Winter Session. Predeparture orientation is offered during the second quarter of fall semester at SUNY Cortland. The program concludes with an eight-day field experience in Belize during Winter Session.


China: History, Culture and the Arts Summer Program

Objectives of this program are to provide historical, creative, and cultural perspectives of an area of China not often visited. Students will have the opportunity to study and go behind the scenes to witness a part of China that is rapidly changing. This study tour includes visits to Shanghai, Yixing, Jingdezhen and Dali, located in northern Yunnan Province on the border of Tibet. The program is escorted by a Cortland instructor. Undergraduate and graduate credit is available. Students generally earn three credits but may earn six credits with special approval and prior planning. The program departs at the end of May and lasts approximately four weeks.

Capital Normal University, Beijing

This program provides an opportunity to study the Chinese language and explore Chinese history, literature and culture. Intensive language instruction is offered. Some courses on Chinese history and civilization are available in addition to the Chinese language courses.

Recommended prerequisite: The equivalent of at least one year of college-level Mandarin Chinese (taught at SUNY Cortland).

Costa Rica

Universidad Veritas, San Jose

Originally founded in 1975 as a college of the "Universidad Autónoma de Centro America (UACA)" — the first private university in Costa Rica — Universidad Veritas is now an independent university, highly esteemed within the Latin American academic community. Located in the eastern part of San José, ten minutes away from downtown, Universidad Veritas has a student enrollment of around 1,500.

All levels of Spanish grammar, composition and conversation courses are offered. Intensive Spanish language classes are delivered in the morning. In the afternoon twelve-week optional classes in Spanish and English are offered in a variety of disciplines. Classes are available year-round.

Housing is available with families or in apartments. Myriad optional excursions are available and can be arranged through the University's International Programs Office. Qualified students may participate in a volunteer program at a Costa Rican national park for an additional fee.


American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo

Programs are available for the fall, spring, summer, winter session and academic year. Students live in a residence hall in the heart of Cairo and study a wide range of disciplines, taught in English. Renowned for its Middle Eastern Studies, Islamic Studies and Arabic language programs, AUC also offers sciences, humanities, computer science and business. Excursions to nearby monuments are included in AUC's comprehensive orientation.


St. Martin's College, Lancaster

Lancaster is a city of 90,000 people located in northwest England. St. Martin's is comprised of three campuses: one in Lancaster and two nearby in Ambleside and Carlisle, close to the border with Scotland.

Students may take classes in a variety of disciplines, including education, health, nursing, sports science, occupational therapy, radiology, community and youth studies, and Christian ministry. A unique program in outdoor education is offered during the spring semester.

On-campus housing and meal plans are available.

London Metropolitan University, London

London Metropolitan University, one of England's largest universities, offers courses in 120 areas of study. The university comprises 38,000 students and some 4,000 staff and has campuses in north London and the city of London. The university offers unrivaled access to some of the world's most celebrated historic buildings, museums, and art galleries. Part-time internships are available in a wide variety of areas to qualified juniors and seniors with appropriate planning. Students may reside in apartments with other students or in a student residence in single rooms in a suite. Accommodations are arranged by Cortland's International Programs Office in cooperation with London Metropolitan University. Students earn 12 credit hours per semester and may participate for one semester or an academic year.


University of La Rochelle, La Rochelle

This seaside resort city offers students the chance to take regular classes with French students along with supplementary instruction in French or a special program of full-time study of French language and culture at any level. Housing is in modern residence halls, in flats (apartments) or with a family. Prerequisite: at least one semester of advanced French to attend regular classes with French students.


Deutsche Sporthochschule, Cologne

Designed for sport management, physical education and exercise science students, this program is conducted at the world-class German Sport University. Students attend classes taught in English, and enroll in activity classes and a mandatory German language course. Students may attend the spring semester (April through July) or a summer program from mid-May through July. Prerequisite: One semester of college-level German or equivalent.


Dublin Internships

Juniors and seniors may work in a wide range of government, business and private agencies to earn 15 credits in a semester or eight in a summer. Placements have included radio stations, women's or children's shelters, film production, museums, banks, political parties and many others. Students live in apartments or with families.

University College Cork, Cork

Students study Irish literature and history in a four-week summer program that includes weekend excursions and evening activities. Students live in apartments next to the campus. Three to six credit hours are earned during this summer experience. Irish literature fulfills SUNY Cortland General Education Category 6: Literature and SUNY General Education Category 7: Humanities.

Students also may study at UCC for one or two semesters. Students attending for two semesters may elect to pursue a Certificate of Irish Studies. Students studying during the spring semester may elect to pursue a Certificate in Political Issues in Ireland Today. Eight early-start programs are available for the autumn semester in the following areas: Irish archaeology, law, history, and modern Ireland, Irish ecosystems, management and marketing in the European Union, musics in Ireland, Irish folklore and ethnology and literatures in Ireland.


United States International University, Nairobi

The United States International University is the oldest and largest private secular university in East Africa. It is accredited both in the U.S. and Kenya. The attractive American-style campus lies in a suburb of Nairobi, hosting more than 2,300 students from over 40 countries. Most of the students are Kenyan and East African. Cortland students exchange with USIU students and may study disciplines ranging from international relations and business administration to tourism management and information technology. Internships are available as well. Housing is in modern residence halls and meals are available in the dining hall.


Spanish Language Institute, Cuernavaca

Students at all levels of Spanish proficiency are encouraged to apply for this Winter Session experience in Cuernavaca, Mexico, known as the City of Eternal Spring. Three credit hours are earned in this program that includes small group grammar classes with no more than five students, additional conversation classes, two full day excursions, site visits and housing with Mexican families.


University of Salamanca, Salamanca

This program in the City of the Golden Stones offers intensive instruction in Spanish language, culture and literature at Europe's third oldest university, the University of Salamanca. All levels of Spanish proficiency can be accommodated.

In the spring, a unique program on the Arab influence in Spain is available. Prerequisites vary according to level of the program the student enters. Students may enroll for just the ten-week language and culture intensive program from January through March, or they may stay on and attend the extension course: "The Arab Influence on Spain," which ends mid-May and includes a four-day excursion to Andalucía. Volunteer experiences at local elementary schools also may be arranged. Room and board with local families are included in the program fee.


This charming city of Merida is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range deep in the heart of the Venezuelan Andes. Merida exudes the colonial charm of an old Spanish town enhanced by the vigor of student activity from the University of the Andes. Known as "La Ciudad de los Caballeros," Merida offers students a chance to experience authentic Venezuelan life and culture in an area as yet unspoiled by tourism.

Students are enrolled at the VENUSA College, Educational Center of International Studies and Modern Languages in Merida, Venezuela. The objective is to provide the student with knowledge and first-hand experience of the culture, as well as the social, political and economic realities of Latin America. Students are further immersed in Venezuelan culture by living with host families.

Classes are offered at VENUSA College in Spanish language, Latin American studies, history, Venezuelan culture and folklore, international business, tropical ecology and botany. Human service internships are available to qualified students who are fluent in Spanish. Classes are taught in English and Spanish and many are taught by distinguished faculty from the University of the Andes.

Other Foreign Study Opportunities

SUNY Cortland students also may, if they have approval from their academic departments, the associate dean and the International Programs Office, study abroad at any accredited foreign institution of higher learning to which they have obtained regular admission.


Six $750 scholarships are awarded for summer study abroad. An additional 20 or more scholarships of $1,000 to $1,500 are awarded for semester-long study.

The Yuki Chin Memorial Scholarship awards $1,000 grants for study in China or other parts of Asia.

Traditional scholarships offered through SUNY Cortland's Financial Advisement Office or the Cortland College Foundation also may be applicable to study abroad in certain cases.

Students also may apply for a nationally competitive Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship through the International Programs Office at SUNY Cortland and the Institute for International Education.

Financial Aid

In most situations, financial aid may be applied to study abroad with the appropriate prior processing.

For more information, contact the Financial Advisement Office at (607) 753-4718.

Study Abroad Academic Policies

Policy Regarding Early Departure, Early Exams, Pass/Fail and Incomplete Grades Abroad

Students on SUNY Cortland programs abroad are prohibited from requesting early departure, early exams, pass/fail or incomplete grades. In extraordinary circumstances, a request for special arrangements such as early exams or incomplete grades must be submitted in writing first to the Study Abroad Office at the host institution. The reason for the request must be documented. If the host institution approves the request, it will then be forwarded to the International Programs Office at SUNY Cortland for final approval. The International Programs Office in Cortland will advise the Study Abroad Office overseas and the student of its decision. If the request is approved, the Study Abroad Office overseas will advise the student whether it will make the arrangements on behalf of the student or whether the student is expected to make the arrangements.

Any special arrangements agreed upon (including remaining work and deadlines) should be documented in writing by instructors and by the Study Abroad Office overseas. Copies should be sent to the International Programs Office in Cortland.

Failure to follow these procedures may result in the student receiving no credit or a failing grade. A student may appeal SUNY Cortland's decision within five days by contacting his or her dean at Cortland and requesting a review.

Changes to Courses Made After Student's Arrival at Site Abroad

SUNY Cortland students must request changes to course selections and equivalencies after their arrival at the site abroad directly through the associate deans at Cortland by the end of the first full week of classes. The associate deans will secure the consent of both the advisor and the international coordinator. Copies of all changes will be sent by the associate dean's office to the International Programs Office in Cortland to ensure that the course equivalencies are posted correctly upon the student's return.

Students from other colleges should be sure to follow the approved procedure at their home institution in order to change classes.

Failure to comply with this procedure may jeopardize the fulfillment of the student's degree requirements.

Grades Earned Abroad

SUNY Cortland students should be aware that grades earned overseas will be treated as grades earned on campus and will be factored into their cumulative grade point average. Students from other colleges should check with their registrar concerning the treatment of grades from abroad at their home institution.

International Student Services

The international student advisor is the College's designated school official for F-1 visas to the Department of Homeland Security's United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. As such, the international student advisor maintains SEVIS records to ensure the College's compliance with federal immigration regulations. The advisor processes all immigration paperwork for students and scholars admitted to SUNY Cortland on F-1 visas.

The international student advisor is the liaison between the College community and the international students. The advisor provides an orientation and immigration counseling to all international students and scholars. The international student advisor coordinates with support service offices on campus, including housing, dining, student health, student accounts, student activities, as well as academic and administrative departments to ensure that the needs of international students and exchange faculty are met.

For students and scholars with J visas, the advisor coordinates with other campuses and international agencies on processing immigration.