2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 16, 2024  
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]



Park Center, Room 222
(607) 753-4953


Joan Sitterly (Director), Mike Urtz (Associate Director), Tom Cranfield, (Assistant Director), Tracey Granozio (Assistant Director), Gary Babjack, Joe Baldarotta, Steve Beville, Joe Brown, Brad Bruhn, Larry Czarnecki, Kory David, Mike Discenza, Pamela Hoerup, Dwight Hornibrook, Julie Lenhart, Dan Lounsbury, Dan MacNeill, Nate Milne, Matt Moran, Steve Patrick, Tom Spanbauer, Brian Tobin, Earl Utter, Cynthia Wetmore, Heidi Woodcock, Jeannette Yeoman


Adjunct Faculty

For a listing of adjunct faculty see the Faculty and Administration section.


Athletics conducts a broad-based NCAA Division III sports program for men and women including 11 varsity sports for men and 14 varsity sports for women. The athletic program is considered an integral part of the College’s mission as recognized by the allocation of academic credit for participation.

Most coaches lecture in their areas of specialty within the Physical Education Department, therefore affording SUNY Cortland students the best instruction in activities and sports from faculty who are also practitioners.

The overall development of each student-athlete is of paramount importance. The office will provide the necessary vision and leadership for student-athletes to participate at the highest level of their ability while pursuing a quality education. Participation on an intercollegiate team will provide student-athletes with the opportunity to learn and develop values that foster self-discipline, teamwork, leadership skills and fair play in an equitable and diverse environment.

Courses Offered

Fall Sports


PED 202: Intercollegiate Cross Country: Men/Women
PED 203: Intercollegiate Field Hockey: Women
PED 204: Intercollegiate Football: Men
PED 206: Intercollegiate Soccer: Men
PED 207: Intercollegiate Soccer: Women
PED 208: Intercollegiate Tennis: Women
PED 209: Intercollegiate Volleyball: Women

Winter Sports


PED 210: Intercollegiate Basketball: Men
PED 211: Intercollegiate Basketball: Women
PED 212: Intercollegiate Gymnastics: Women
PED 213: Intercollegiate Ice Hockey: Men
PED 214: Intercollegiate Ice Hockey: Women
PED 215: Intercollegiate Swimming: Men/Women
PED 216: Intercollegiate Indoor Track and Field: Men
PED 217: Intercollegiate Indoor Track and Field: Women
PED 218: Intercollegiate Wrestling: Men

Spring Sports


PED 205: Intercollegiate Golf: Women
PED 233: Intercollegiate Baseball: Men
PED 234: Intercollegiate Lacrosse: Men
PED 235: Intercollegiate Lacrosse: Women
PED 236: Intercollegiate Softball: Women
PED 237: Intercollegiate Outdoor Track and Field: Men
PED 238: Intercollegiate Outdoor Track and Field: Women