2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 02, 2023  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

School Building Leader and School District Leader [SBL_SDL] C.A.S. (Track 4)

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Educational Leadership Department
Kevin Mack, chair
Cornish Hall, Room 1213
(607) 753-2444
Fax: (607) 758-5007


Take the next step to advance your career in educational leadership if you hold a master’s degree and permanent or professional teaching certification in New York. Combine theory and practice to effectively develop schools and other learning communities when you choose the school building leader and school district leader C.A.S. program at SUNY Cortland.

Program Highlights

With the guidance of SUNY Cortland’s expert educational leadership faculty, you’ll examine critical topics in finance, curriculum, organization and special programs. You’ll also investigate key qualities for guiding a school district, important legal issues, the dimensions of serving as a principal, and the elements and value of strategic supervision. This program will prepare you for New York state’s School Building Leader and School District Leader Assessments.

Culminating Experience

In addition to completing an internship in educational leadership, you’ll participate in a culminating seminar that integrates your classroom and practical experiences.

Career Potential

When you successfully complete the school building leader and school district leader C.A.S. program, you’re well prepared for the responsibilities of positions such as subject and content area supervisor, building administrator, director of athletics and physical education, director of special education, curriculum coordinator, superintendent or central office administrator. 

If you qualify for this dual program and follow through to successful completion, you’ll greatly enhance your marketability in the workforce.

Admission Requirements

 To be considered for the Educational Leadership program, you must include, in addition to the completed graduate school application, the following materials:

  1. Certification and Degree: Proof of permanent or professional New York state teaching certification and an official transcript showing the master’s degree already conferred.
  2. Resume: An updated resume with a minimum of three references with current telephone numbers.
  3. Recommendations: Three Candidate Recommendation Forms, which are available as part of the online application. These recommendation forms must be completed by practicing school leaders who support your candidacy. Once completed by the reference, the forms should be returned to the applicants in a signed and sealed envelope to insure confidentiality. They should be included in the submitted packet. Please note the following:
    1. If you are in the teaching field, you must have one form from an administrator in your district’s central office, a second form from your immediate supervisor and a third form from a practicing educational administrator of your choice.
    2. If you are from a non-teaching, non-traditional background, you must have one recommendation form from your current organization’s chief executive officer, one form from your immediate supervisor and a third form from an educational supervisor/administrator of your choice.
  4. Essay: A written essay (one-to-two pages only, word processed, double-spaced with 12-point type) that addresses the following question: What is your vision of the school leader in American public schools of the 21st century?
    1. This essay is due with all other application materials and becomes part of the application file; this paper should not be handed in at a separate time.
    2. This paper should be well written in the form and quality that a future school leader would proudly provide a superintendent and/or board of education for review. A rubric for this essay is available as part of the online application.

This completed packet, along with the admissions application, is to be submitted to the SUNY Cortland Admissions Office. Once the application is complete, it will be scheduled for review by the Educational Leadership Department faculty committee.

Apply for the school building leader and school district leader C.A.S. 

Course Sequence

Note: Non-matriculated graduate students (NON) who intend to matriculate into the C.A.S. program, but wish to enroll in a prior semester, are eligible to register for EDL 613, 615, 616, 657 or 678 only. All other EDL classes require matriculation into the C.A.S. program.

Note: Students who take EDL 680 as an elective can obtain both the SBL and SDL – School Building and School District Leader [CAS_SBL_SDL] certificate.

The Educational Leadership Department strongly suggests that students apply for admission into the dual SBL_SDL program (if qualified). Students will be more marketable in the work force with the dual School Building and School District Leader program.

Total Credit Hours Required: 30

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