2014-15 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2014-15 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Health Department

Bonni Hodges, chair
Jena Nicols Curtis, graduate coordinator
Moffett Center, Room 105
Fax: 607-753-4226


Professional Studies


Barbara Barton, Sarah Beshers, Kathryn Coffey, Jena N. Curtis, Margaret DiVita, Bonni C. Hodges, Judith Johns, Matthew Moyer, Jill Murphy, Corey Ryon, Alan Sofalvi, Donna M. Videto, Ben Wodi

Adjunct Faculty

For a listing of adjunct faculty see the Faculty and Administration section of this catalog.

Program Descriptions and Admission Requirements

Master of Science in Community Health 
Master of Science in Education in Health Education 
Master of Science in Teaching in Health Education 

The Health Department offers three graduate programs, two of which are for students interested in pursuing initial or professional New York state teacher certification. The programs are based on well-developed philosophical and theoretical foundations, reflect national-level professional preparation standards and focus on the development of background, skills and competencies related to sound health education practice. The programs have been designed to meet the needs of students who have undergraduate preparation in health education (M.S. Ed.), for students with a degree in another teacher-certification area (M.S.T. tracks A and C), and for students who possess an undergraduate degree outside of teacher education and would like to become certified in health education (M.S.T. track B).

The third graduate program is designed for those working in local health departments, voluntary health agencies, health care facilities and human service agencies seeking to obtain post baccalaureate training for professional advancement and/or continuing education. This program also is suitable for those students seeking a career change to community health education and graduates of undergraduate health education and health science programs (MS_CHEA).

Career Potential

  • School health educator
  • Health educator in community agencies
  • Health educator at college or university level
  • Prevention specialist in school and community agencies
  • School district health education coordinator
  • Public and community health educator