2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Musical Theatre [MUTH]

The Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre in the Performing Arts Department  provides comprehensive training in musical theatre while maintaining a firm grounding in the liberal arts. The goal is to foster flexibility and versatility in students to enable them to participate in musical theatre on a number of levels.

The program's objectives are far reaching. Students will leave the program with the knowledge and confidence to participate in educational, professional or semiprofessional productions with competence and skill. Performance opportunities include main stage productions, senior voice recitals (usually given in the spring semester of the senior year), singing/dancing in cabarets on and off campus and participating in student-directed productions and workshops.

Graduates are active in community and professional theatre organizations, assist and provide leadership in primary and secondary school productions and often continue their education in musical theatre in an M.F.A. or M.A. program in music, theatre or musical theatre.

Career Potential

  • Actor/singer
  • Choreographer
  • Director
  • Theatre technician
  • Voice teacher
  • Dance instructor

Students must audition for admittance to the program. In addition to the College-wide requirements in writing, Quantitative Skills, foreign language and General Education, the B.A. in musical theatre requirements will be met by successful completion of the following courses and portfolio or project assessment:

A. Music Courses: 17 credit hours

B. Theatre Courses: 13 credit hours

C. Dance Courses: 8 credit hours

Students must complete four semesters of ballet (from DNC 101, 201, 301, 401). Students are required to complete DNC 101 and DNC 201 at a minimum. Each ballet course may, by advisement, be repeated once.

The additional dance courses listed below must also be taken:

D. Musical Theatre Courses: 11 credit hours

E. Additional Requirement - 3 credit hours

F. Portfolio, exit interview

Portfolio will include a record of performances, a list of audition repertoire, resume and photo.

G. Technical Theatre Practica

Students must also complete at least six noncredit technical theatre practica (one per semester for six semesters — e.g., working backstage for productions on costumes, set painting, props, etc.). Work at previous institutions may be accepted for part of this requirement. Students must audition for all departmental theatre productions and accept roles as cast.

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 124

Example of the undergraduate degree in Musical Theatre over four years

 General Education (GE ); Foreign Language  

Total credit hours for semester: 16

First Year Spring

Total credit hours for semester: 15

Second Year Fall

Total credit hours for semester: 15

Second Year Spring

Total credit hours for semester: 16

Third Year Fall

Total credit hours for semester: 15.5

Third Year Spring

Total credit hours for semester: 16

Fourth Year Fall

Total credit hours for semester: 15.5

Fourth Year Spring

Total credit hours for semester: 15