2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
    Apr 24, 2018  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Physical Education [PEC] M.S.Ed.

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Physical Education Department
Lynn E. Couturier, chair and graduate coordinator
Park Center, Room 1126
(607) 753-5577
Fax: (607) 753-5975


Inspire today’s youth to enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy life. Be a positive role model for people of all ages. Share your love of physical activity and fitness with upcoming generations. Become a leader and advocate for constructive change in the physical education profession by studying for the M.S.Ed. in physical education at SUNY Cortland. Your graduate-level course work is informed by the highest standards, including those of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education Standards (NASPE), the Adaptive Physical Education National Standards (APENS) and the New York State Learning Standards in Physical Education. Choose from the following concentrations:

  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Coaching Pedagogy
  • Physical Education Leadership

Program Highlights

Beyond the graduate-level core courses in physical education, you’ll explore topics that are specific to each concentration.

Adapted Physical Education  [ADPE]

This concentration offers graduate-level study in adapted physical education, instructional strategies and curriculum and measurement in adapted physical education, as well as course work in inclusive outdoor education, positive behavior management and discipline in physical education and preschool movement programs.

Coaching Pedagogy [COAP] 

This concentration provides knowledge and skills that apply to both coaching and teaching physical education through emphasis on teaching, research methodologies and applications of current technology. This is a hybrid program that combines online and on-campus course work over three consecutive summers. Topics include lifespan motor development, digital video analysis using Dartfish technology, issues in athletic training, sports conditioning, principles of coaching, behavior in sport and inclusive coaching methods and programs.

Physical Education Leadership [LEA] 

This concentration is an intensive one-year program of study that prepares you to take a leadership role in developing and implementing progressive physical education curricula and advocating for quality physical education programs. You will study research on teaching effectiveness, curriculum models, fitness programming, and leadership techniques and apply them in school-based field experiences that will include working with diverse populations and applying various technologies to enhance student learning.

Culminating Experience

When you select the concentration in adapted physical education, you may choose to sit for a comprehensive examination or waive the examination requirement and complete a culminating master’s thesis. The concentration in coaching pedagogy requires you to sit for a comprehensive examination. The concentration in physical education leadership requires you to complete an action-based research project that will be embedded in your field experiences.

Environmental Facilities

Take advantage of SUNY Cortland’s exceptional outdoor education resources for research, workshops and classes at our Outdoor Education Center at Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks. This unique learning environment includes Huntington Memorial Camp, the only National Historic Landmark in the SUNY system.

Career Potential

When you achieve the M.S.Ed. in physical education from SUNY Cortland, you’ll be well prepared for a career as a physical education teacher or a coach or for positions that combine the two responsibilities.

Graduate Admission

Evaluation Policy

At the State University of New York College at Cortland we seek a diverse and academically strong student body. Our admission policy and practice will not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, national origin or marital status.

Required Materials

  1. Completed online Graduate School Application - Apply Now
  2. Official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended to be forwarded directly to the SUNY Cortland Graduate Admissions Office
    Note: candidates for admission must present evidence of bachelor’s degree conferral prior to the start of their academic program.
  3. A resume, which must include the contact information for three references. One of those contacts must be a public school employee (submitted online with the application)
  4. Letter of application indicating why you are interested in the program (submitted online with the application)
  5. Documentation of initial certification in physical education within six months of starting classes.

 Admissions Criteria

A minimum 2.5 overall undergraduate grade point average.


Fall semester applications: July 1
Spring semester applications: Dec. 1
Summer semester applications: April 1

Applications submitted after the deadline may be considered on a space availability basis.
Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at (607) 753-4800 to check availability.

Program Requirements

A. All students must take the physical education degree core of six credit hours:

Note: Students electing the coaching pedagogy concentration take these courses via the Web-based/Web-assisted format.

B. Concentrations

Students in the M.S.Ed. program must select one of the following concentrations: Adapted Physical Education, Coaching Pedagogy, or Physical Education Leadership. The requirements for each concentration are listed below.

C. Electives

All elective courses by advisement.

D. Culminating Experience: Three or six credit hours

The culminating experience for the M.S.Ed. is specified by concentration from the following:

Adapted Physical Education Concentration [ADPE]

The purpose of this concentration is to prepare master teachers with special expertise in adapted physical education consistent with curricula that meet current New York state and national standards. These master teachers will also be prepared to assess student performance and conduct program evaluation. All electives must be approved by the coordinator of the Adapted Physical Education graduate program.

Adapted Specialty Electives: Three to six credit hours

Culminating Activity: Three credit hours

Coaching Pedagogy Concentration [COAP]

The purpose of this concentration is to provide graduate students with knowledge and skills that apply especially to coaching but also to teaching physical education. Applying current technology to coaching, teaching and research methodologies is emphasized. This program is offered over three summer sessions as a residency-based online program that includes online preparation followed by in-class course work on campus.

Culminating Activity: Three credit hours

Physical Education Leadership [LEA]

The purpose of this concentration is to prepare master teachers who have the knowledge and skills required to create curricula that meet current New York state and national standards. These master teachers will also be prepared to assess student performance and conduct program evaluations.

The physical education leadership concentration is a one-year program of study that is intended to be completed in a one-year time span. Each student cohort will begin the program in the summer of each academic year.

Culminating Activity: Three or six credit hours

Physical Education Leadership Concentration

Additional Requirements

Additional requirements for the M.S.Ed. may be determined by the Physical Education Department and must be ascertained by the student in consultation with the department’s graduate coordinator.

Total Credit Hours Required: 30-33

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